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Our Lodge Of Instruction Preceptor Bernard Callow welcomes you to our new website.

The lodge Of Instruction meets eight times a year to give members advise both practical and theory on any subject they need to not only for ritual upstairs in the lodge room but at the festive board to, I am very glad to say the membership and numbers attending are once again strong after the lodge suffered a few years of poor attendances, the Preceptor and his six Deputies sat down with the junior brethren and asked what they would like to experience in the LOI and with there idea's in mind changed the way the LOI runs, brethren turn up in casual clothes jeans are fine, together with their apron and practise not only a ceremony but with the help of one of my brilliant deputies can go aside and receive one to one tuition on a piece of work or advise on the chair they are going to attain, and ritual books are now allowed in the lodge room, I would rather have a brother have the experience of performing work with a book and given encouragement than just sit there or not turning up, the LOI is now open to all not just master masons to entered apprentices or past masters and to any brother from any lodge not just in Worcester but from anywhere in the province we now have members from Bromsgrove coming along where they can practise their masonry. Once a year we hold a festival when  we turn up in full dress and regalia  perform a piece of work, hold a short talk and then dine a full festive board experiencing the full toasts and wine taking hopefully under the watchful eye of a ruler. the LOI also now asks its members what ceremony they would like to practise as some members might have a certain piece of work they would like to practise, Membership is open to all it costs £10 per year with your first year free, the roles of the SW and master are taken in rotation while the other officers are taken by show of hands given a brother the ideal opportunity to carry out work at the next meeting which he may be performing at his next meeting, for any more details please contact us via e mail at  we are also very proud to be associated with the new Province's light blue club The Semper Fidelis Club a new club to give its members information on organised and information of events the junior member may like to attend, please find its page on this website lower down the menu.

Here we hope to keep our members and visitors up to date with our masonic and social activities.We also hope that it will give non-members an opportunity to see what we are doing in the local community, and provide them with further information should they wish to join our fraternity.

Please look at our News and Events pages for the very latest information on Semper-Fidelis-LOI-.

Finally, if you wish to contact us for any reason please use the contact form on the "contact-us" page.